Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey Webosaurs,
Flydosaurus here! Webosaurs is uprgrading the server and making it better. It would be possible that you would get aout-disconnected but don't worry , you will usually to log back in instantly. And prepare for new servers the Webosaurs Team is right now testing them. I can't wait.

Ah, and don't forget about Mimo's party next Saturday! Scroll down to the older post to know the details.


2 Webosauric comments:

Anonymous said...

Hi.Im about a month old in Webosaurs and I was wondering if I can help you in this site.To Post of course.
I have some experince in Cp posting but 6 months I quit Cp.
Im just hoping and asking if you will add me as a writer here
P.S. IM a pterry like you too

Anonymous said...

Hey you should check out my site its:
Maybe we can go on webosaurs together.