Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WeboGames Official Opening Ceremony!

Hey Dinos,    
                 On Friday there is gonna be The Official Opening Ceremony of WeboGames! Here are the details.

Where : Lizard Lounge / Webo Ridge

When : Friday, December 18th 
Time : 17:00 WST

Server : Jurassic

WeboGames is gonna be a week long and during this week you will test your skills on every game on the island. The Top 3 Best Dinos will be crowned at the end of the week and will be given a trophy each according to there abiltliy and place (1st, 2nd and 3rd). WeboGames will start exactly after the Opening Ceremony.  Here are how the trophies look like.

See you there guys!

-Flydosaurus! ;)

Scavenger Hunt 16 Cheats!

Hi Dinos,
               here are the cheats!     
1st Egg - Gushing Geyser - Answer : Rexxy and Horns
2nd Egg - Rumble Rocks Cave which is found at Prairie Pool - Answer : Golf
3rd Egg - Jungle Beach - Answer : Rumble Rocks Cave
4th Egg - Sub Apline Forest - Answer : Dust
5th Egg - Duster's Hangout found at Dino Dunes - Answer : Sub Alpine Forest
6th Egg - Camopsaurus Canvas Tent which is found at Sub Alpine Forest - Answer : Secret Temple

And as reward I recieved : 

 -Flyodsaurus! ;)

The Bone Armor is Fixed!

Hey Dinos,
                  Today I went to Ole Smithy's Armory to check if they fixed the Bone Armor and they did! Now you can buy Bone armor again! Yay!

-Flydosaurus! ;)

Scavenger Hunt December 15.

Here are the cheats guys!

1st Egg - Gushing Geyser - Answer : Edmarka
2nd Egg - Bucklands Peak - Answer : Ole Smithy
3rd Egg - Ole Smithy's Armory which is at Croc Peninsula - Answer : Battle Arena
4th Egg - Forest Floor - Answer : Sauropod
5th Egg - Sanoran Sands - Answer : Dino Eating Monsters
6th Egg - Stretch's Surf Shop which is at Jungle Beach - Answer : Steam

And my reward was :                      

Hope you liked the cheats!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WoodChop is back!

Hey Dinos,
                  the beta testers like me remember this game. It's Woodchop! It's a multiplayer game and it's located at Sub-Alpine forest.

I think these days the Official Webosaurs Team is working really hard! Do you agree?

-Flydosaurus! ;)

WeboGames coming soon!

Hi Dinos,
               heard of WeboGames?  Till now i din't have any details but here are the trophies that Webosaurs will win! LOok they're sooo coool!

-Flydosaurus! ;)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Scavenger Hunt December 14!

Here are the cheats!

1st Egg - Gushing Geyser - Answer : Triceratops
2nd Egg - Mochlodon Theater - Answer : Catastrophists
3rd Egg - Prairie Pool - Answer : Pleistocene
4th Egg - Rumble Rocks Cave which is at Prairie Pool - Answer : Troodon
5th Egg - Carnivorous Cavern - Answer : Middle Jurassic
6th Egg - Secret Temple which is at Dino Dunes - Answer : Paleogene 

And the reward... 

-Flydosaurus! ;)

Authors Needed!

Hey Dinos,
                  The blog needs new authors. If you have a Blogger account and wish to be an author please comment here!

-Flydosaurus! ;)

Scavenger Hunt December 13!

Egg 1 - Gushing Geyser - Answer : Yes
Egg 2 - Rolling Hills Chamber which is at Prairie Pool - Answer : Ultrasaurus Tiki Lounge
Egg 3 - Tao Temple which is atSub Alpine Forest - Answer : Cactus
Egg 4 - Lizard Lounge which is at Webo Ridge - Answer : Magma Madness
Egg 5 - Tree Fort which is at Croc Peninsula - Answer : Wild Walkersaurus Bunker
Egg 6 - Jurassic Fort which is at Webo Ridge - Answer : Prairie Pool

Hope you like th cheats!

-Flydosaurus ;)!

Winning Blogs Announced!

Hey Dinos,
                   Know we know which blogs won the 10 Coin Codes! These are Beluga's Webosaurs News, Jemsters Webosaurs Gangsters, Dude's Blog , and Sludge's blog,!

Congratz to the winners!

-Flydosaurus ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Bone Armour is Glitched.

Hey  Dinos,
                  When you go to Ole Smithy's Shop to buy Bone Armour you can't because when you drag your mouse on the Bone Armour, the "Buy" bottun doesn't appear! But don't worry the Webosaurs Admins and Mods will probably solve it soon.

~ Flydosaurus ;)

Scavenegr Hunt December 12

1st Egg - Gushing Geyser - Ichthyosaur
2nd Egg - Supersaurus Den which is found at Forest Floor - Dog
3rd Egg - Carnivorous Cavern - Mamenchisaurus
4th Egg - Jungle Beach - Sauropods
5th Egg - Dino Dunes - Megalosaurus
6th Egg - Tonto Plateau - Tyrannosaurus Rex

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scavenger Hunt December 11

1st Egg - Gushing Geyser - Baja Battle Basin
2nd Egg - Soggy Bottom Swamp - Gold T Rex Statue
3rd Egg - Webo Ridge - Carnivorous Carvern
4th Egg - Hillside Canopy - Rumble Rocks Cave
5th Egg - Croc Peninsula - Two
6th Egg - Rolling Hills Chamber with is found at Prairie Pool - Forest Floor
7th Egg - Sub Alpine Forest - Foosball
8th Egg - Hadrosaurus Shop which is found at Forest Floor -  Horns