Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Protectors!

Hey Dinos, now we know who the protectors are!

They are:




Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Clocktower and Cave Competition Contest.

Hey Dinos,
Flydosaurus here. Like on every Thursday Webosaurs is having a Cave Competition Contest. But differently from the others in this Cave Competition Contest , you can ONLY use LAMPS. If you want to jion Cave Competition , visit Webosaurs Official Blog or visit this link and post a comment that you want to jion the Cave Competition.

And the Webosaurs Team is also thinking to add a clock tower at Gushing Geyser. This will tell us Webosaurs official Time, so it will be much simpler to know at what time are parties and to hang out with your friends.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Protectors Applications are in!

Hey Dinos,
Flydosaurus here. Right now the Webosaurs team is choosing the Webosaurs to be protectors from your applications to be one. I hope i will be one! You? Do you want to be a protector? The Webosaurs Team will tell us who are the Protectors later this week.

Have fun Webosaurs!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hey Dinos,
Flydosaurus here! Do you want to be a protector? If yes, visit Webosaurs' official blog or visit the link below and post a comment that you want to be one and answer the questions you have in the post. Here's the link

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mimo's Party Rocked!

Hey Dinos,
Flydosaurus here! Yesterday I was at Mimo's Party! It was really cool! We had lots of fun talking and tons of Webosaurs assisted. The place was really flooded! Look at the pic.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hey Dinos,
Flydosaurus here! Now in Webosaurus you can get medals by finishing Battle Arenas. Look I finished two , the one at Croc Peninsula and the one at Sub Alpine Forest. So now I have two medals. Look at my player card.

Best Cave Competition Winners!

The Best Cave Competition Winners are ... *drum roll*....

1st Palce - Emu

2nd Place - monster_man

3rd Place - Soyjoy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Servers!!

Hey Dinos Flydosaurus here!

There are three new servers on Webosaurs!

Current Servers:





Campfire Party Tonight!

Hey Dinos Flydosaurus here! Webosaurs is having a Campfire party tonight!

Server: Jurassic
Place: Webo Ridge
Time: Eastern Time: 9:00p.m.
Mountain Time: 7:00p.m.
Central Time: 8:00p.m.
Pacific Time: 6:00p.m.
I'm sorry Dinos I can't be there. Can someone take a pic. of the party for me? I would be very grateful.

New Cave Competition Contest!

Hey Dinos,

Flydosaurus here! On Webosaurs there is a new Cave Competition! We don't know the prizes but I guess they are the same of last time that means.... 1st Place - Globe, 2nd Place - Lincoln Log Set,
and at the third place th prize is a Log Set.

To take part in the competition visit Webosaurs official blog. Or visit this link and post a comment that you want to jion.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Golden Armour!

Hey Dinos,
Flydosaurus here! Read what I just discovered! A new armour is coming out soon!
It's the Golden Armour! Check this link and then scroll down a little bit down!

Look at this picture!

Protectors are coming soon!

Hey Webosaurs,

Flydosaurus here! Protectors are coming soon!Look at what ModosaurRex told me! And look what's written in the "Question & Answer" page in Webosaurs' Blog. I think Protectors are something like Agents on Clubpenguin and Chobots. Will they have any extra benenfits? Look at the pictures.

Coins are coming soon for non-members.

Hey Dinos,

Flydosaurus here! Coins are coming soon for non-members! I can't wait! You?

Don't worry members it will be fair for both non-members and members.

Hey Webosaurs , do you like the new playlist I put on the blog? Please comment about it. Money , money , money for non-members!


Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hey Webosaurs,
Flydosaurus here! Webosaurs is uprgrading the server and making it better. It would be possible that you would get aout-disconnected but don't worry , you will usually to log back in instantly. And prepare for new servers the Webosaurs Team is right now testing them. I can't wait.

Ah, and don't forget about Mimo's party next Saturday! Scroll down to the older post to know the details.


Friday, July 10, 2009

GREAT NEWS! Mimo plays Webosaurs!

I have discoverved that Mimo plays Webosaurs and if you think I invented this look here!
And that's not all mimo is having a party and will give a special item! Here are the details.


NEXT Saturday, July 18th


1:00 PM Eastern Time
12:00 PM Central Time
11:00 AM Mountain Time
10:00 AM Pacific Time

Coins for non-members.

Hello Webosaurs,

Flydosaurus here! I have great news for you! The Webosaurs Team is thinking of a solution for the problem that Webosaurs are grumbling (and they are right) because non-members can't get coins.
The Webosaurs Team is working on a solution that will make everyone happy, even for Members that will have more extra benefits.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bad News

Hello Dinos,

Flydosaurus here. I am sorry but I can't post till Saturday. I am going on a small break.

I'm sorry Dinos.


Monday, July 6, 2009


Hello Dinos,

Flydosaurus here. I have just started this new blog. It will contain EVERYTHING About the game Webosaurs. If you have a question about Webosaurs , just ask by commenting it.

Have fun playing Webosaurs.